Get your Bahamas Boat Slips Today and Earn Money by renting it. Only Few Slips are remaining.

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In Bahamas, we offer you boat Slips. We have a combo package to sell Boat Slips and Condos starting at only $249,900. It is awesome opportunity for you if you want to buy Boat Slips in Bahamas. You can rent it and in every month you can earn a good money through it.

Bahamas Boat Slips

In Bahamas Boat Slips, you will find the Boat Slips and Docks for sale in Bahamas. Boat Slips and Docks in Bahamas offer great access to the beaches, boating, fishing and relaxing!

Slips are available for purchase with accommodations from 40ft. to 200ft at Bimini Bay’s new Mega Yacht Marina. Additionally, your slip can be rented to guests when you are not vacationing at Bimini Bay. Our newest release of the Mega Yacht Marina offers accommodations for up to 200 ft.

Only few more Boat Slips are left to sell. So buy your luxurious Boat Slips before it is being sold out!

Our Boat Slips offer following facilities:

  • Gated & Manned Security
  • Reception Area
  • Dining
  • Bar & Lounge
  • Large Pool at Marina
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Fitness Center & Spa Conference Room
  • Communications & Business Center
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Captains Lounge
  • Navigation Center/Chart Room
  • Fish Cleaning Areas
  • Access to Marine Supply & Tackle
  • Deep Water Access Channels
  • Deep Water Berths · Golf Cart Access
  • Customs & Immigration Office

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a slip of your own.

Bahamas Boat Slip
To know details about this package deal chat now with an agent or simply Call to 1-888-592-1588 or send text “Bahamas” to 411-24-7. We will get back to you right away.

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